Sunday, 6 November 2011

GRILLED FOODS -Minimizing your cancer risk

Minimizing your cancer risk

Charcoal-grilling foods,especially fatty meats,can create compounds that are potentially carcinogenic. The factors involved are the charring of the food and the smoke produced when the fat drips on the coals, which is then carried back up to the meat. to minimize the risks,take the following steps:

1. Avoid flair ups,since burning juice or fat can produce harmful smoke. If smoke from dripping fat is too heavy,move the food to another section of the grill,rotate the grill,or reduce the heat.
2. Cook meat until it is done without charring it. Remove any charred pieces--don't eat them.
3. Don't place the heat source directly under the meat.
4. Cover the grill with punctured aluminium foil before you cook. The foil protects the food from the smoke and fire.
5. Keep meat portions small so they don't have to spend as long on the grill.
6. Defrost frozen meats before grilling. In trying to get the frozen meat cooked,there is a tendency to burn the surface.

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