Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Healthy Eating on the Run

Healthy eating on the run

Healthy Eating on the Run

You’re the busy bee, constantly on the go. Yet, in striving for greatness in career, there is one thing you should never compromise – nutrition. Here are a few ways of ensuring a healthy diet amidst all the running around.

Choose Your Breads Wisely

Breads are great for days with a jam-packed schedule and running from one meeting to the next so eating on-the-go is most likely. One of the quickest and healthiest options would be a freshly made sandwich from any deli. Remember to choose wholemeal bread or a wrap. They’re both lower in fat and calories.

Choose more greens

Homemade Lunch

A good way to balance up your weekly lunch meals is to vary between eating out and packing something healthy from home. Simple examples are rice with scrambled eggs and stir-fried vegetables or a wholemeal tuna sandwich with tomatoes and lettuce. This way, you won’t be missing any meals and neither will you be settling for something unhealthy.

Choose More Greens

A true Malaysian favourite when it comes to lunch is the chap fan or nasi campur stalls. With all the variety these stalls offer just remember to make a conscious effort to choose more vegetable dishes instead of meat dishes the next time you lunch at any of these places.

Less Oil

The next time you order a plate of char kuey teow or nasi briyani, consider this: Not only are they oily dishes but one plate of char kuey teow contains 321 kcal* while nasi briyani (rice only) can come up to 448 kcal*. Why not order a bowl of hot soup noodles instead ofchar kuey teow? Or plain white rice to accompany your favorite side dishes?

MILO 3in1

Healthy Snacks

Don’t go hungry. If you’re running late for lunch, try a healthier snack like yogurt, muesli bars, a nutritious cup of MILO 3in1 drink or even tasty NESTUM Mixed Cereal that’s packed with complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

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